Poderi Arcangelo is a farmhouse consisting of 3 farmhouses, a glamping, and a renovated organic barn. Located in the picturesque Tuscan countryside, it offers an authentic and relaxing experience for those seeking an escape into nature. From farm tours to cooking classes and outdoor evenings, visitors can fully immerse themselves in the charm of Tuscany.

At Poderi Arcangelo, we are committed to transmitting the authentic essence of the Tuscan territory to our guests. Here, you will be immersed in a warm and familiar atmosphere, creating a unique and memorable holiday experience.

Our commitment to the environment is evident in the renovation choices we have made for our farmhouse. We are now an eco-sustainable and self-sufficient company for the production of electricity, as we are equipped with a 50KW photovoltaic system. Furthermore, since water is a precious resource, Poderi Arcangelo has equipped itself with a phyto-purification plant for the disposal of wastewater.

Every aspect that represents the love for the land, which is the basis of the rural philosophy of Tuscan farmhouses, is taken care of down to the smallest detail, with an eye always turned to the new scientific frontiers, for example with the attention to the impact that electromagnetic fields have on our rest. Welcoming new discoveries in this field, what was once a barn is now a Bio House with a bio-cleanergy system where a large magnet prevents the formation of natural magnetic fields, while a bioswitch in each room prevents those generated by the electrical system.

Arcangelo House

Villa Arcangelo is an old convent ideal for families and groups of friends who want a farm vacation. Divided into nine rooms for 2 to 4 people with the option of renting the entire villa or even just the living room with kitchen, it offers flexibility and comfort for every need.

Capezzano House

Capezzano House is the heart of the Poderi Arcangelo farm. Expertly renovated with obsessive attention to detail, this old farmhouse from the ' 600s houses the reception, breakfast room and restaurant, a small room for tasting and selling typical products from the Poderi Arcangelo organic farm, and a grape processing cellar and barrique cellar for aging wines. Ideal for a romantic getaway, it consists of 2 junior suites and 17 rooms for 2 to 4 people.

San Raffaello House

Villa San Raffaello is a typical farmhouse surrounded by greenery accommodates 5 apartments from 2 to 8 beds with kitchen, ideal for families with children or groups of friends. The barbecue available to guests adjacent to the infinity pool with a view of the Towers of San Gimignano allows guests to relax and enjoy their farm vacation in San Gimignano in absolute freedom



The Pools

Come discover our pools nestled in the enchanting scenery of the hills of San Gimignano in the heart of Tuscany. Explore the farmhouse pools and take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscape while cooling off. It is an experience that invites you to be carried away by the tranquility and serenity of the Tuscan hills. Let's find out about them together!