Our Story

Our Story
The natural vocation of the land of Siena is to produce excellent oil and wines, such as those we have been producing for years on our organic farm. Inside our wine are people, faces, hands, knowledge, passion, effort, hope and technique. Behind each bottle is the experience of those who know what it is to care for the land and nature, helping it follow the seasons and grow its fruit with respect and love. The ideal location and climate of these places, together with the passion and respect for the value of the land that our family has passed down from generation to generation, have allowed us to create our excellent wines.

An ancient road we continue to travel

Our Story: PODERI ARCANGELO by Sandra Mora

Poderi Arcangelo is much more than a winery and agritourism; it is the fruit of generations of passion, hard work and love for the land. The deep roots of the Mora family, proud peasants of the Marche, rugged lands where field work was synonymous with toil and sacrifice, are firmly anchored in fertile Tuscany, crowning the dream of owning a piece of land to call their own. There, with tenacity and sacrifice, they transformed small plots into an oasis of high-quality production.

Joseph and Bruno Mora

The arrival of Giuseppe Mora and young Bruno in San Gimignano is a tale of hope and determination. With only the power of their savings and a vision of a future project, they bought a small piece of land and a modest cottage, planting the first vines as carefully as dreams were cultivated.
The story of Bruno and his double toil, between railroad work and tending the fields, is emblematic of a family that does not give up in the face of hardship and a tribute to resilience and the will to build something great from little. The transformation of the farmhouse into a winery and the gradual expansion of the company are evidence of the constant commitment and confidence in the future. A love for the land soon translated into lush vineyards, while a passion for viticulture ignited in the Mora’s veins. Each row planted is a labor of love, an unbreakable bond between the family and the land that nourishes them.
The decision to embrace organic farming is a tangible sign of love for the land and respect for the environment. It was not an easy choice, but it was made with the understanding that quality comes first. Looking beyond mere profit, this path symbolizes a deep commitment to preserving the beauty and purity of Tuscan land for future generations.
Bruno’s passing in 2006 was a major blow to the family, but Sandra has shown extraordinary strength in carrying on the legacy left by her father. Indeed, with the invaluable support of experts in the field, he has continued to cultivate the passion and love that have always characterized the lands of Poderi Arcangelo.
Today, with the involvement of his son, the company looks to the future with confidence and determination. The vineyards on the farm tell a story of innovation and tradition, where mechanization goes hand in hand with respect for nature.
The tufa soil of Podere Arcangelo, generous and lush, is the beating heart of an estate that produces not only wine, but also a unique sensory experience. Each bottle is the result of an art passed down from generation to generation, where attention to detail and passion mingle in a sip of pure emotion. Podere Arcangelo is not just a farm, but a symbol of love, dedication and quality that continues to shine in the heart of Tuscany.

December 1999: what capezzano house looked like

Over time the farm grows to 43 hectares of land of which 24 are planted with vines and 1,800 olive trees. The whole family is committed to an ambitious project: to bring the Capezzano and Raffaello farmhouses and unproductive vineyards back to life.

Over time the farm grows to 43 hectares of land of which 24 are planted with vines and 1,800 olive trees. The whole family is committed to an ambitious project: to bring the Capezzano and Raffaello farmhouses and unproductive vineyards back to life.

Casale Capezzano is an old farmhouse built in several times since 1850. On the ground floor were the stables, which has now become the hall of our restaurant, and the wine cellar, converted into the reception. On the second floor, on the other hand, farmers lived until 1980, then everything remains abandoned.

Hard work doesn’t scare us!

The San Raffaello farmhouse dates back to the early 1900s. This, too, used to be a farmer’s house equipped with two hay storage huts that unfortunately were completely destroyed.

Then in the 1940s it was used as an elementary school before falling into disuse.

Cottages and Glamping

Our hospitality counts of three Casali, a Glamping of tree houses and an Organic Barn each with its own Pool, Garden and Private Parking and all within 500 mt on this beautiful hill 8 km from San Gimignano and 3 from Certaldo.

We were among the first in San Gimignano to open our house to guests who loved the Tuscan countryside, and in 1993 precisely after 2 years of renovation the Archangel house, old peasant dwelling, after being uninhabited for many years was divided into 9 rooms with bathrooms, a large living room with a fireplace, the kitchen on the ground floor with the veranda and our first cellar for processing chianti wine .

Then in 2002 we opened Casa San Raffaello divided into eight apartments sleeping 2 to 6 each, with plenty of space outside for children, a view of San Gimignano and the Swimming Pool.

We are now in the Capezzano House which was opened in 2004 after 2 years that saw us engaged in this arduous renovation of 19 rooms all with bathrooms, some even in bio-ecological architecture, our Restaurant, Reception and the small room for the sale of our products such as chianti wine, vernaccia, different types of IGT also passed in barrique, extra virgin olive oil, vinsanto, grappa jams, honey and also other typical products all exclusively from organic farming.

Next to Capezzano House is the Bio Barn, which has been renovated following bioecological architectural criteria.
On an organic farm, a building renovation that took into consideration the parameters dictated by bio-ecological architecture could not be missed.

Keeping in mind that all the buildings however have been renovated favoring the use of local techniques and materials in the barn, we have tried to use all the additional accouterments that architects specialized in this field make available to us, with soil measurements and magnetic interference.


Who we are

This is me Sandra, sales manager of Poderi Arcangelo, Agriturismo and Organic Farm in San Gimignano and next to me my mom Maria who takes care of the Restaurant and the kitchen.

Our family-run business was founded by my grandfather Joseph and then augmented by my father Bruno who was the real factotum: but mainly a man of the vineyard and winery !!!

Today I am in charge of the Farm and especially the business aspect trying to pass everything on to my children Alberto and Alice… hopefully next agritourism operators !!!